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Our responsive service delivers when you need it most. Extending the capabilities of your own team to provide advanced penetration testing, social engineering and physical security testing, training, architecture, design and due diligence reviews, vCSO and GDPR, PCI, ISO 27001, governance and risk consulting together with carefully selected solutions and advanced managed services to tackle real-world challenges.

Defence | Being prepared

Three-quarters of UK businesses (74%) [Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018] say that cyber security is a high priority for their organisation's senior management. However, defining and implementing an appropriate information security strategy eludes many, with small and medium sized businesses struggling with resources, costs and knowledge.

Not only is there a shortage of resources, a national skills gap, salary costs and staying current all contribute to the challenges facing SMEs when they try to understand how best practice should be applied, where investment should be focused, what threats and weaknesses exist, and how they can successfully manage and prioritise risks and mitigation.

Furthermore, while there has traditionally been much focus on technical controls, the shift to cloud services, mobile working, collaboration and Wi-Fi have blurred the organisation's perimeter meaning that everyone needs to understand the part they play in safeguarding the business - the human element of security is more important than ever. Effective education and awareness training of staff is essential, and the security of third party suppliers key.

Agility provide a range of services which can help identify the right strategy and solutions for your organisation. Our decades of experience in working with organisations across all industries ideally places us to assist you with your security journey. Whether you need point solutions, a range of services or a virtual CSO, we stand ready to asssit.

Prevention | Being equipped

Taking pro-active steps to prevent the compromise of sensitive information is far more desirable than dealing with a breach of security. Encrypting mails and documents prior to their transmission, implementing automated phising mitigation and deploying active ransomware protection solutions are just some of the advanced technologies we can offer to our clients to help secure and protect their day-to-day business operations.

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) brings together different technologies to limit the impact of 0-day threats by responding promptly to actionable intelligence. A number of our solutions and managed services incorporate machine learning and shared intelligence technologies to provide timely mitigation and assurance.

Threats | Knowing

A key component of any information security programme is understanding the threats that your organisation faces. Threat identification provides the information you require to allocate resources appropriately.

Thanks to our experience across all industry sectors, involvement in security industry information exchanges and participation in UK and international information security bodies, we are able to provide the intelligence you need to understand the threat landscape.

Risks | Understanding

Addressing risk takes time and money. When planning remediation activities, it is vital that risks are prioritised so that vulnerabilities can be managed effectively and an appropriate level of resource allocated.

This can be a complex process, involving identifying and managing inter-dependencies between identified issues and existing information security and business objectives. Agility can help in this process by applying our experience of successful approaches and by assisting with information security management tools.

Controls | Embedding

Ensuring that security controls continue to be effective relies on a variety of aspects, from appropriate IS management and a security-aware corporate culture, to technical expertise of developers and IT administrative staff.

We have found that utilising an Information Security Management System (ISMS) which is aligned to a suitable information security standard, such as ISO/IEC 27001:2013, has greatly assisted our clients to effectively manage their information security. We have partnered with InfoSaas to provide such a system, and are able to provide advisory services to help align your organisation with ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

We also provide a range of training and awareness courses, designed to embed security in to your organisation’s culture and provide technical staff with the understanding they need to build secure systems and environments.

Vulnerabilities | Discovering

All attacks start from the exploitation of a vulnerability; whether in your people, processes or technology. Agility’s extensive range of security testing and assessment services help our clients to identify vulnerabilities so that appropriate action can be taken before they are exploited.

Our consultants, experienced in working with senior management within organisations as well as their technical specialists, have skills in a wide range of technologies. These are supplemented by our advanced tools and continuous assessment solution. We can simulate real attacks, identify complex vulnerabilities, prioritise the associated risks and recommend remedial actions to enable timely mitigation.